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Every two weeks on Tuesday, I publish an email newsletter called Bi-Weekly Bits.

In each edition I share a new essay on the business of videogames, and a handful of the coolest things I’ve found online.

My essays center mostly on business, strategy and decision making in the videogame and digital entertainment industries. At other times, I’ll take a broader perspective and touch on topics like philosophy, (digital) culture, media, marketing, or technology. Nevertheless, the majority of my writing is concerned with how we can make sense of the world around us, and how we make decisions.

More so than my essays, the links I share are as broad and diverse as my interests. In any given newsletter, you might learn about the differences between Stoicism and Epicureanism, the value of mental models, or a niche documentary series on Japanese creatives. In one way or another, I promise they will be worth your time and attention.

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