Core Value Examples for Videogame Companies

Core values are the corner stone of a unique and healthy company culture. I’ve already shared how to come up with your own in a previous essay. For today’s essay, I’ve pulled together some core value examples from other videogame companies that you can use as inspiration.

Before we dive in, let’s quickly review the requirements for good core values.

Core value requirements

Good core values need to be three things:

  • Timeless: They should apply to your company (basically) forever
  • Applicable to everyone: They need to be relevant to all people on all teams in your company, including leadership
  • You would hold onto them even if doing so would be a disadvantage: They should be a point of pride to the degree that you’d hold onto them even if the market should change and put you at a disadvantage for doing so.

Value traps

In his Harvard Business Review article Make Your Values Mean Something, Patrick Lencioni warns us to also avoid three types of “value traps”:

  • Aspirational values: values that you would like to hold, but don’t right now. For example, wanting to be an innovative company when you’re not (right now), does not warrant making innovation part of your core values.
  • Permission-to-play values: values that you expect people to hold, whether they work for you or someone else. For example, professionalism and honesty are required everywhere, and don’t add much to your core values.
  • Accidental values: values that got you to where you are now, but aren’t necessary to move forward. For example, hustling may have been important getting through the startup phase, but may not be needed (or, indeed, wanted) for the next leg of your journey.

Keeping these requirements in mind, let’s look at some examples from videogame companies. I’ve simply collected what I could find, you be the judge of the quality.

Core value examples from videogames companies

31st Union

  • Thrive on trust
  • Chase the horizon
  • Welcome all
  • Live your dreams
  • Cut diamonds

Blizzard Entertainment core value example

Blizzard Entertainment

  • Gameplay first
  • Commit to quality
  • Play nice, play fair
  • Embrace your inner geek
  • Every voice matters
  • Learn and grow
  • Think globally
  • Lead responsibly

Bungie core value example


  • Teams are stronger than heroes
  • Player experience first
  • Strong ideas, loosely held
  • Closing is an everyday practice
  • Widen your perspective
  • Keep it fun
  • Put a dent in the universe

Electronic Arts core value example

Electronic Arts

  • Creativity
  • Pioneering
  • Passion
  • Determination
  • Learning
  • Teamwork

Nintendo core value example


  • Uniqueness
  • Flexibility
  • Sincerity

PlayStation Studios core value example

PlayStation Studios

  • Better together
  • Fiercely daring
  • Proudly different
  • Always striving

Raw Fury core value example

Raw Fury

  • Treat people like people
  • For happiness, over profit
  • Games are art

Riot games core value example

Riot Games

  • Player experience first
  • Dare to dream
  • Thrive together
  • Execute with excellence
  • Stay hungry: stay humble

Triple Boris

  • Respect
  • Family
  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Raising the bar

Twin Suns Corp

  • People Above All
  • Truth and Honesty
  • Fail and Learn
  • Ego at the Door
  • Listening to Succeed

Unity core value example


  • Users first
  • Best ideas win
  • In it together
  • Go bold

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

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