Hi, I’m Martijn.

I’m a strategist, business developer and consultant in the Videogame and Digital Entertainment industries. I’m exploring the strategies, tools and principles that help people think better and make better decisions in business and in life.

I want to help videogame and entertainment companies get the most out of their creative efforts. In order to do that, I regularly share my thoughts on how business strategies and best practices can be modified to fit these companies; to support the creative process rather than hinder it. Additionally, I help companies implement these ideas and more through professional services such as consulting and business development.

Every two weeks, I write an email newsletter called Bi-Weekly Bits. In it, I share the coolest things I’ve learned as well as any new essays I’ve written.

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My essays center mostly on business, strategy and decision making in the creative industries. At other times, I’ll take a broader perspective and touch on topics like philosophy, (digital) culture, media, marketing, or technology. Nevertheless, the majority of my writing is concerned with how we can make sense of the world around us, and how we make decisions.

You can find all my essays here, but while I’m writing more essays I recommend you check out a list of books that have helped me, as well as a curated list of my favorite links on the internet.

Beyond the creative industries, I’m part of a pro bono consulting group called Three Monkeys. We donate our time to support organizations with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. If you think your company fits this description and you’d like our help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.

You can also find me on Twitter and Linkedin. If you’d rather email me, shoot a message to martijn@martijnvanzwieten.com.


Martijn van Zwieten

Other things about me:

  • I live in Utrecht, NL with my girlfriend and our daughter
  • I hold an MA in New Media and Digital Culture, and an Executive MBA from Business University Nyenrode.
  • I have organized a government-subsidized trade mission for 15 companies to Tokyo Game Show, twice.
  • My life philosophy is a mix of Stoicism, Epicureanism and Buddhism. Or something.